Sunday, July 27, 2008

McCain is the more experienced candidate….and Milli Vanilli really deserved the Best New Artist Grammy of 1990

WTF?!?!?! Maybe I am confused but isn’t McCain supposed to be the candidate of experience? What happened to the war-hardened, rugged Vietnam Veteran whose years of service in Washington have made him ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way? If his knowledge of world geography is any indicator, are you sure he is still the man you want answering that 3am phone call in the White House? Just remember if it’s a cartographer on the other end, we’re all screwed.

The Alarming Deterioration Of Today's News Media

It is easy to hate the media. In a country where freedom of the press is considered sacred, one would think the responsibility of providing news and information to the public would not be a task taken lightly. But tune into any news channel, and you will quickly see the so-called fourth estate has not been quite the vigilant watchdog it professes to be. So while the talking heads on Fox and CNN drone on and on about whether friendly fist bumps are really secret terrorist handshakes, the real news falls through the cracks. Since the media can no longer be trusted to provide us with the news that actually matters, we decided to do some digging ourselves—and found more than you could imagine. Here are some of the gems we unearthed…