Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain Flirts With Dementia In Latest Campaign Effort

Um, awkwaaaard...

This is just straight up hard to watch.

I mean if you had to name some of the biggest blunders John McCain would like to avoid right now, a momentary fit of Alzheimers while campaigning in a critical swing state like Pennsylvania would probably fall high atop your list.

But, heck, all this endless campaigning and speaking and hand-shaking has gotten Johnny a little tired. Confused.

So what if he can't keep every little thing straight? Like Western Pennsylvania, agree, disagree, you, more, patriotic, god-loving, patriotic (oops, said that), America, fact, Barack Obama, critical, supporters, saying, good...

For 72, the man is sharp as a tack.

1 comment:

ilovesnacks said...

that was hilarious... do you think it was doctored?? i mean, i am not doubting his senileness.... but could he have fucked p that bad??