Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Devil Wears Prada? You Betcha!

Unlike those elitist liberals who bathe in the sweat and tears of decent, hard-working folk like you and me, America's favorite Alaskan snow bunny sure knows how the "real America" lives.

Sarah Palin, the poster babe for "small-town values," understands the struggles millions of hard-working Americans face everyday, trying to make ends meet in these trying financial times.

It is for these very Americans that Palin patriotically used $150,000 in GOP donor funds on clothes and accessories since her September unveiling.

Palin simply loves America too much to let its fine citizens be exposed to some fashion-challenged eyesore from Wasilla, Alaska's premier Meth capital.

It is clearly her deep love and respect for
all the "Joe Six-Packs" and "Joe The Plumbers" out there that compelled Palin to shed her shabby Wasilla duds for some classier, VP-worthy attire, like her reasonably priced $2,500 Valentino jacket and $400 not-made-in-USA glasses.

We know Palin had only the interests of the "real America" at heart when she ventured into that godless wasteland she calls "fake America" to drop $49,425.74 at Saks Fifth Avenue and another $75,062.63 at Neiman Marcus (um, bargain!) so she could go clean-up Washington and make it work for the people again.

Like the true maverick she is.

What we don't know is what the hell this shlub is spending his campaign's money on, since he obviously doesn't care about either this country or his appearance. Wait, did he re-sole his shoes with chewing gum??

Ugh, typical elitist.


Anonymous said...

Obama belongs to East Bank, GOP should talk about that.

The Logisitician said...

THIS is a great picture. It says so much, and is consistent with his community organizing philosophy at one time.

Saw your blog mentioned in blogcatalog's Introduce Yourself. Nice work. Keep it up.

I've got to tweet folks to check out his photo.

imissamerica said...

Thanks logisitician,

I appreciate your comment and agree fully with your assessment of the pic--seemed like a classic.

Please pass my blog on to all those you know and of course come back for more...