Monday, October 20, 2008

North Carolina, C'mon And Raise Up!

After years of neglect, North Carolina, (and no, that does not include its red-headed stepchild, South Carolina) finally gets its moment in the spotlight.

Suddenly, North Carolina is good for more than just college basketball, textiles, and tobacco.

Thanks to a little something called the Electoral College, North Carolina's 15 electoral votes have made the Tar Heel state a critical flash point in this year's presidential elections.

Despite its slutty past reputation as a Republican bitch-state, North Carolina is suddenly up-for-grabs, with McCain and Obama locked in a statistical dead heat just two weeks before election day.

Evidence on the ground during my recent trip confirmed what the latest polls suggest: The fine citizens of North Carolina are very confused.

They thought they knew themselves.

Good, upstanding small-town folk who love God, guns, and the GOP. Not elitist liberals who hate America and think change comes in the form of a charmingly brilliant, half-black secret Muslim Socialist who says crazy things like "unity" "progress" and "truth."

Uh-Oh, this could only mean one thing: the Devil gone to NC!

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