Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blago's Future: Jail Cell Or Padded Walls?

A spokesman for salt-of-the-earth politician "Hot" Rod Blagojevich says the Illinois Gov. remained "upbeat and positive" as he returned to work for the second day since his sensational arrest for being a corrupt, no-good sleazebag of the highest order.

Lucio Guerrero, a spokesman for the embattled governor, said, "There's a sense of trying to return to normalcy," adding that he doesn't know whether Blagojevich will step down. "That's something that obviously he'll decide on his own."

Hmmm. We're gonna go out on a limb here and say Rod "F**k 'em" Blagojevich decides not only to stay in office, but may also begin forming his presidential exploratory committee for 2012.

Sure he's being accused of trying to sell a senate seat, his city's baseball team, and anything else not tied down to the earth, but does that really make him unfit to lead a state?

Of course it doesn't! Just like being "upbeat and positive" about your political future after getting busted for being a modern, Serbian version of Al Capone doesn't mean you're a criminal. Just delusional.

"Can I Interest You In A Nice Senate Seat, Mr. Officer?"

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Aoi said...

Good tidbits. Hot Rod will likely end up getting the shaft, or at least the short end of the stick.