Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Warning: Thick-Haired Rats Spotted In Area!

It's been nearly a week since Illinois governor and resident crime boss Hot Rod Blagojevich was arrested on enough corruption and bribery charges to make Dick Cheney jealous, and still the ever-humble public servant continues to go to "work" everyday to dutifully serve the people.

Despite a record-low 7 percent approval rating, the resignation of fellow sleazeball chief-of-staff John Harris, and the Illinois legislature's announcement to begin impeachment proceedings Monday, the ever-classy Blago continued to endlessly humor us by clinging to the delusion that his resignation is optional.

And won't necessarily be followed by a lengthy vacation to a place where men swap their
leather jackets for orange jumpsuits and don't give their favorite Paul Mitchell hairbrush adorable nicknames like "the football," in reference to the "nuclear football,” or bomb codes never to be out of reach of the president.

But in
bigger news, who knew Rod Blagojevich actually had a forehead?!?

Illinois' Own Bonnie And Clyde


stella said...

Was that last pic the result of a strong wind??

imissamerica said...

Only a gust of that magnitude could move Blago's thick mane!