Monday, March 23, 2009

From Commerce Secretary Nominee To Doomsday Oracle

Remember that classy guy Sen. Judd Gregg who cheerfully accepted President Obama's Commerce Secretary nomination before realizing he despised the man and the rest of his stupid, money-spending Democratic deadbeat friends.

Well, he's not just going to withdraw his nomination, spit on Obama's bipartisan peace offering, and go off gentle into that good night. No sir-ee.

He's going to speak his mind. A lot. But not as part of the Obama economic team trying to get America out of its financial crisis and back on its own two solvent feet.

Rather as part of the illustrious Republican chorus of sneering Dick's, puffy, rage-filled radio hosts, and
two double-consonant named backstabbers shrieking about how Obama's budget will "bankrupt the country" and turn this great nation into a demoralized, broke, wall-street crazed free-for-all drowning in its own greed and toxic debt.

And to think, we were doing so well without him!

Look Out Behind You, Senator!

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Aoi said...

Nice find. I missed that part of the "Doomsday Budget", which ironically is followed by the Dow going up almost 500 points, and other tidbits of not bad economic news.