Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not Quite What He Meant By "Green" Ways To Grow The Economy

Grass And Clay Racism

America's attempt to turn dear leader Barack Obama's likeness into a one-man economic rescue squad hit a snag when the esteemed makers of the Obama Chia Pet were forced to pull their brilliant new product off the shelves amid complaints of what else than some good, old-fashioned racism.

The $19.99 Chia Obama comes in two delightful versions--a "determined" Obama and a "happy" Obama--that hilariously sprout foliage from their heads making it look like the president has wacky green hair! HA HA, what a hoot!

But some people just don't see the humor in something as evil and racist as a Barack Obama-themed pottery plant kit. Luckily, drugstore chain Walgreens has decided to do the responsible thing and yank the remaining 200,000 items from its stores so they can sit in a Chicago warehouse gathering dust instead of flying off the shelves offending everyone.

Oompa Loompas have feelings too, you know.

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