Thursday, August 12, 2010

Woohoo! Maine Tea Party 'Movment' Ready To Mov Forward, With Or Without The Elitist Letter "E"

Mov Forward Amerika!

Justin Timberlake can bring all the sexy back he wants, so long as he leaves bringin' dem good ol' fashioned red meat family-values back to those who understand such things, like the Teabaggers at the Maine Lobsterback Festival.

These patriotic freedom fighters aren't just putting the "Red" back in "Lobster," they're taking the "E" out of "Movement," because the letter E is clearly for Elitist arugula-eating Socialists who hate America.

Prompting one festival-goer to wonder just who's responsible for this umm, shall we say, creative free-market approach to the English language.

“I am half hoping that the guy at Kinko’s who made their banner did this on purpose, but the Maine Tea Party is just probably that stupid.”

Stupid is as stupid duhz. That, or they just enjoy adding letters where they don't belong and omitting them where they do.

Crayzee Teebahggurz.

One thing's for sure, they certainly put the "e" in retard.

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