Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stealing $50 Billion Doesn't Make You Bad, It Makes You B.M.!

Mr. B.M. Himself!

Professional sleazebag Bernard Madoff returned to court Monday so a federal judge could hear why government prosecutors now think his earlier agreed upon bail terms of luxury home confinement should be revoked in favor of some nice steel bars and striped suits.

The Ponzi-scheming and possibly soulless fraudster is being accused of violating his bail terms by shipping $1 million in cufflinks, watches, and other looted treasures to friends and relatives during the holiday season, potentially harming investors seeking to recoup some of their $50 billion losses.

But at least Bernie will have a few emergency reserves for when he skips out of town. With Blagojevich in, maybe just enough to get things rolling again...

They always said two heads are better than one.


Aoi said...

Maybe house arrest has to be redefined in this case. Or maybe all his assets need to be seized before he auctions them on eBay, lists them on Craigslist, or uses back channels to move even more stuff into the hands of people who aren't going to strangle him on sight.

jayspin20 said...

a new Youtube video about B.M.