Friday, January 16, 2009

Johnny Mac Says Cindy's Dancing Future Not In The Stars

Ugh, John McCain ruins everything!

First he ruined that lovely Sarah woman's vice-presidential hopes. Now he's ruining things for his number one lady love, socialite trophy-wife Cindy McCain, whose life-long dream is apparently to traipse around half-naked in a unitard before millions of Americans on the hit show
"Dancing With The Stars."

Rumor has it that Cindy was in talks with producers just before Thanksgiving to appear as a dancer on the show, which she wanted to do very badly.

But then the honorable John S. McCain "put the kibosh on it" because he knows a few things about bad decisions.

Including letting his hot, rich young wife cavort with some sexy stud muffin mancer (that's what Johnny calls men dancers, hehe) for hours on end before having to come home to her 72-year-old NOT-president hubby with mild-to-severe arthritis.

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