Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Worry Planet, Mr. Adorable To The Rescue!

The President At His Finest

After a very long day of flubbed inauguration oaths, never-ending parades, and boring balls where he and Michelle were forced to perform endless slow dances for the adoring crowds, Barack Obama finally got to take a load off.

Yes, even when undoing his tie, exhausted and drained, America's new president still manages to be the most adorable man we've ever elected into office.

He's even cuter when he spends each day of his first week in office gutting another one of Bush's god-awful policies to destroy America.

Today, Obama will single-handedly save the environment, before moving on to fix the economy, end the war, and bring peace to all of humanity, likely by the end of the week.

So congratulations Mr. President!

But really you can stop now. Seriously, dude, you had us at hello.


Anonymous said...

We all know that King Jesus Obama can do no wrong. He is the second coming, the miracle worker, the perfect politician…he is King Jesus Obama. Some of you people need to pour ice water over your heads and realize that King Jesus Obama is a man…not some kind of savior. And I am not some Obama-hating Republican. I voted for Obama. But this whole cult-of-personality that surrounds him, along with the Hollywood/media worship of him, gives me pause. I am hopeful that he will make a great president, but his start seems all style and no substance (Hillary as Secretary of State? The CNN doctor as Surgeon General? Jeeeeeeeez).

imissamerica said...

While I am an unabashed Obama lover, I do not think the man is God incarnate. The Obama-is-the-Messiah tone is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, though I stand by the statement that he is adorable. How can you argue with a face like that?

AxmxZ said...

Hey Anonymous, are you STALKING this picture? You are, oh my God. You're LITERALLY following it around and copy-pasting this drivel into comments.

Dude, get help. I mean, yeah, Obama is cute and all, but your stalking PICTURES of Obama online is probably pinging some kind of Secret Service radars.

iBagwan said...

I voted for Obama also but I don't hold him up too high because I don't want him to fall far. You have to admit though, that after the last 8 years he is something of a savior, a tree would be a savior after W but this is an intelligent, thoughtful and principled man! This is someone the entire world can look to for some kind, any kind of change for the better. It's easy to see why people idolize him, when you're drowning a branch looks like a yacht!