Friday, February 13, 2009

Straight-Edge Amazon Says Game Over To RapeLay

Since the world is not violent and disturbing enough, the wizards over at Japanese gaming company Illusionsoft thought a nice, simple rape game might help spice up the market. Give the kids a good time! I mean there's only so many cars to jack, prostitutes to beat, and cops to kill before even that gets dull and boring.

Welcome to RapeLay, where you play a
Japanese sex maniac who gang rapes virtual women and children in a variety of interesting and exciting ways.

But be careful. If you screw one of the "fertile" ones and she gets pregnant, you must force her to get an abortion, quick! Otherwise, the bastard child will be born and the woman will throw you in front of a train. Or stab you to death. It's either that or rape forever for the three unlucky ladies.

But Amazon has decided to ban the game because apparently some uptight people think it's wrong to make rape and murder look cool and fun.

Which is too bad because there are many lessons to be learned from RapeLay, like how easy it is to rape and molest women. Especially girls who wear skirts on trains. They're asking for it.

But the biggest lesson of course is that men can gratuitously grope women on trains without consequence and repeatedly rape their entire families without fear.

The only thing you can't do is not force them to get an abortion, because that's a sin in the eye's of god and leads to murder. Of you, a maniacal rape fiend with masochistic tendencies.


Aoi said...

Missed that one on Amazon. But "rape" games are old in Japan, long part of the otaku subculture. Manga and anime centered around rape have also been around for decades, and similarly, books made from woodcut blocks were available in Japan as early as 1700. Not to mention private areas in certain online games. I wonder which group motivated Amazon to remove the game.

phuckpolitics said...

If you had the high score, would you brag about it?