Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GOP Looks To Bobby Jindal To Prove They're Down With Brown, Too

What Can Brown Do For You?

The Republicans will rely on their own token minority poster boy Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to deliver the much-awaited GOP response following President Obama's first address to Congress on February 24.

Republicans are hoping their own young, chocolate-hued darling will counter the perception that the GOP is nothing more than a bunch of rich, old white men named Saxby and Strom who say no to everything except starting wars and bankrupting economies.

And what better way to showcase the colorful diversity that is the Republican party than with their one sweet-faced savior with the non-white skin?

Yes, Bobby Jindal is the perfect choice to explain to the American people that
if Obama's stimulus plan is like Captain Sullenberger's US Airways flight, just think of the Republicans as the heroic flock of geese sacrificing life and limb to doom the engines and crash the plane.

Sure the GOP (geese) may end up a tangled, bloody mess of feathers, beaks, and bones, but at least the bloated stimulus bill (plane) ended up where it belongs--floating in the Hudson. Who knew pork was so buoyant?


Anonymous said...

FukTard ! (this mean you, "imissamerica ")

imissamerica said...

Fuktard? Is that really the best you can do?

Dr. President said...

ewwwww, that photo of all those birds around the plane is really disturbing *shudder*