Monday, June 8, 2009

Looks Like Someone Has A Case Of The Mondays...

Ugh. God, you people are wearing Barry out! Can't a guy get one day where he can just chill and eat hamburgers and not have to listen to boring meetings about fiscal policy, health care reform or a Supreme Court nominee breaking their ankle in a freak accident called klutziness at LaGuardia airport?

Between that crazy North Korean dude, Sen. Grassley's ridiculous, error-ridden tweets of rage, and the GLBT mafia all over him to repeal that absurd middle-school policy "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and let them die for this country like the convicted felons and drug offenders allowed to serve, so long as they don't wear leather chaps and feathered boas, Barry sure has his hands full.

So for the love of God, can you just give the man some peace for a moment? I mean seriously folks, Nicolas Sarkozy only promised to take Michelle and the girls off his hands for a few precious hours--and the clock is ticking here people!

So if you don't mind, he'd like a few more minutes fantasizing about schooling Kobe Bryant with his famous stutter-step crossover move straight to the hole. And for Christ sake, will someone please get the man a cigarette?

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KodiakDraco said...

I would be happy to give him a smoke but with current taxes it's almost 50 cents each so I'm going to need some type of tax credit in return.