Monday, July 26, 2010

Rarrrrrr! Asia's Computer-Animated Vision Of Mud Wrestling, Pole Dancing, Dope Smoking, Lara Croft Version Of 2012 Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin

It's always refreshingly eye-opening to see how other cultures view America's various power-hungry demagogues and fraudulent national celebrities embarrassments, especially when that culture happens to be of the Asian variety, where every last one of us will likely be employed as factory workers in the near future,  making cheap, poorly constructed products to sell en masse to the Chinese or Japanese or Taiwanese or any other place ending in ese.

In this case, it is a lovely computer animation video from what is believed to be Taiwan (we can't read Asian characters anyway, so we'll just take their word for it), showing America's Arctic pride and joy Sarah Palin as she explores her potential 2012 presidential run.

And much as you would expect our favoritest Alaskan drifter version of Shakespeare to be portrayed, the computer animation artists over in Taiwan depict beloved 46-year-old Grandma and Master of Mama Bears the world over, Sarah Palin, as a bikini-clad teenage mud wrestler who seems perpetually confused as she goes about her daily activities of gunning down innocent four-legged creatures from planes, coining new and poetic words for the English language, dancing around a stripper pole campaign funds, parachuting into Teabagger rallies, smoking phat doobies with First Dude Todd while the rest of the Palin clan fight, make babies, and fire machine guns into the air while chillaxin' on their front porch in Wasilla, as our lovely hero winks her way into the White House.

See, even the Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese can't help but mock her long time!

Guess we're not so different after all!

Except of course when it comes to making hilarious (and spot on!) computer generated Sarah Palin videos for YouTube. Then, they pretty much kick our hefty Big Mac padded behinds. In other words, go positively Palin on us!

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